A Conversation With Gen Z’ Now Available On Demand

 A Conversation With Gen Z’ Now Available On Demand

Now Available

The latest installment of “CRS360,” COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR’s monthly webinar series, “OK Boomer: A Conversation with Gen Z,” is now available to stream. Find it here.As previously reported (NET NEWS 6/14) the eye-opening webinar was hosted by WIVK/KNOXVILLE, TN morning co-host JOEY TACK, and the panel included WFKY & WVKY (FROGGY COUNTRY 101.7 & 104.9)/FRANKFORT, KY’s morning host PAISLEY DUNN, SIRIUSXM PD KATHLEEN SHEA, and COX MEDIA GROUP/ORLANDO Dir/Operations and company Dir./Country Content STEVE STEWART. Topics included ways managers can adapt their approach to accommodate employee preferences, and how members of GEN Z (which include DUNN and SHEA), prefer to be supervised and treated at work to inspire their best performance.

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