A Great Analogy For The Purpose Of Social Media

 A Great Analogy For The Purpose Of Social Media


“Many of us in the social media space get hammered over ‘the ROI’ of content, audience engagement, in general, our time spent on the platforms,” noted LORI LEWIS MEDIA President and MERGE author LORI LEWIS. “And while it gets tiresome, it’s also important to keep finding ways to possibly cut through and help everyone understand social media’s place — how it’s supposed to work with everything else we do.“So, I’d like to share a great analogy around this disconnect with social media from TOMMY CLARK of WORKWEEK.“Think about [social media] like a basketball team.“There are 5 players on the court at any given time. 1 or 2 of those players will be the leading scorers.“Then you have the point guard. The point guard’s responsibility is to get the scorers in the best position to convert and feed them the ball. “The point guard doesn’t need to average 30 points per game — he shouldn’t.”Social is the point guard. Not the leading scorer.”Get the details and read more about “A Great Analogy For The Purpose Of Social Media” in MERGE, which is designed and written to help assist the radio and record industry in the social and digital space. Let us know how we can get the structure going and help study what’s working so you’re on your way to a meaningful and memorable social brand. We help brands do so every day. Reach out to LORI LEWIS, here, or anytime on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN or TWITTER.

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