All Access Exclusive – Guy Zapoleon’s ‘Mid-Year Music Cycle Update’

 All Access Exclusive – Guy Zapoleon’s ‘Mid-Year Music Cycle Update’


Iconic programmer/consultant GUY ZAPOLEON returns to ALL ACCESS with an update on what part of the ‘Doldrums’ that we’re currently in, as his “Music Cycle” continues to evolve and unfold.GUY’s ‘Mid-Year Music Cycle Update’ reflects that “we’re still deep into the worst doldrums in music and radio history.” He cites the small number of ‘consensus power records’ at Top 40 radio, which could be headed for another record low number when all is said and done for 2023.  Ouch.Offering a glimmer of hope as the year heads toward the half-way point, ZAPOLEON writes, “The good news is we are beginning to see Top 40 radio picking up on hits from Country, and of course that makes sense when you see that Country has tied with Pop at 26% for the top genre gaining the most top 10s in Billboard during the first quarter of 2023, according to Hit Songs Deconstructed.”Read GUY ZAPOLEON’s ‘Mid-Year Music Cycle Update For 2023’ only in ALL ACCESS by clicking here.

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