All Access Offices Closed For Fourth Of July Holiday

 All Access Offices Closed For Fourth Of July Holiday

Happy 4th!

The ALL ACCESS offices will be closed on MONDAY, JULY 3rd and TUESDAY, JULY 4th in observance of the FOURTH OF JULY Holiday. We will re-open WEDNESDAY morning, JULY 5th.This important holiday commemorates the adoption/passage of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE by the SECOND CONTINENTAL CONGRESS on JULY 4, 1776. INDEPENDENCE DAY is celebrated this year on MONDAY, JULY 4. The SECOND CONTINENTAL CONGRESS had voted in favor of independence from GREAT BRITAIN on JULY 2 but did not actually complete the process of revising the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, which was originally drafted by THOMAS JEFFERSON in consultation with JOHN ADAMS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, ROGER SHERMAN, and WILLIAM LIVINGSTON, until two days later, JULY 4th.Our democracy is a fragile environment. Protect it and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.We wish you all a Happy JULY 4th. Enjoy your family and friends and the long weekend, and be safe. If you have NET NEWS to report, please click here.

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