Audacy RVPP DJ Buck Named Brand Manager At KQKS (KS107.5)/Denver

 Audacy RVPP DJ Buck Named Brand Manager At KQKS (KS107.5)/Denver

DJ Buck

AUDACY RVPP DJ BUCK has been named Brand Manager at AUDACY Top 40/Rhythmic KQKS (KS107.5)/DENVER. BUCK will continue as Brand Manager/morning host at sister Top 40/Rhythmic WZMX (HOT 93.7)/HARTFORD.AUDACY/DENVER SVP/Market Mgr. MICAH GOLDBERG commented, “We are delighted to name DJ BUCK the next brand manager of KS 107.5. With his exceptional experience and deep-rooted passion for Hip-Hop and Rhythmic music, DJ BUCK is undoubtedly the perfect choice to lead the station to new heights. As a veteran in the radio industry and his regional oversight of our company’s rhythmic format, we are confident that DJ BUCK will bring unparalleled creativity and innovation to KS 107.5.”BUCK added, “After getting to know the brand and the market, I see nothing but potential and a bright future for KS 107.5. I’m excited to dig in and work more closely with the DENVER team.”Prior to jumping into radio at RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE, DJ BUCK worked as a record store manager. His commercial radio career kicked off at WWKX (HOT 106)/PROVIDENCE. Since 2001, DJ BUCK has been at WZMX (HOT 93.7)/HARTFORD.

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