Beat Music Fund Expands Its Catalog

 Beat Music Fund Expands Its Catalog

Expanding Its Catalog

Music rights investment company BEAT MUSIC FUND announced that it has added the catalog of CHOCOLATE PUMA, the duo consisting of producers RENE TER HORST and GASTON STEENKIST (aka DJ ZKI & DOBRE), which includes the releases from 1993-2011 of RENE ET GASTON, KLATSCH, The GOODMEN, and RIVA.BEAT MUSIC FUND also announced it is now partnering with  HISA ISHIOKA’s NEW YORK-based dance label KING STREET SOUNDS, with new releases under ARMADA MUSIC.”It is an honor to be trusted with these legendary catalogs, and I’m confident that we will add value through our vision and expertise,” said ARMADA MUSIC and BEAT MUSIC FUND CEO MAYKEL PIRON. “Partnering with KING STREET SOUNDS and CHOCOLATE PUMA signifies a big step for BEAT as we look to maintain and build upon the most respected catalogs in dance music. We look forward to working with HISA, RENÉ and GASTON to represent the legacies they hold in dance music and to the extensive opportunities these partnerships bring to BEAT, ARMADA and these iconic catalogs.”“It’s clear MAYKEL has a real love for our music and is genuinely passionate about giving our creations the attention they deserve,” said HOEST and STEENKIST in a joint statement. “With confidence and trust, we are placing BEAT in charge of our musical legacy. We’re excited about this new chapter.””We’re thrilled about this alliance between KING STREET SOUNDS and ARMADA MUSIC,” said ISHIOKA. “For over 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to bringing people the best house music with passion. With this new partnership, we look forward to our continued growth and keeping this great dance music vibing and thriving. We hope that our music continues to touch people’s hearts and make the world a brighter place.”

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