Benefit Show To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of ‘Nuggets’

 Benefit Show To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of ‘Nuggets’

Benefit Show Set

A benefit show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the compilation album, “NUGGETS: ORIGINAL ARTYFACTS FROM THE FIRST PSYCHEDELIC ERA, 1965-1968” has been set for FRIDAY, MAY 19 at the ALEX THEATRE in GLENDALE, CA. The live performances of songs from the album and bonus tracks from the era will benefit the AUTISM HEALTHCARE COLLABORATIVE.Producers THE WILD HONEY FOUNDATION, LENNY KAYE and RHINO RECORDS have put together THE WILD HONEY ORCHESTRA NUGGETS ALL-STAR BAND that includes LENNY KAYE, ROB LAUFER, ANDREW SANDOVAL, DARIAN SAHANAJA, DEBBIE SHAIR, ALEC PALAO, JIM LASPESA, NICK VINCENT, WILLIE ARON, JORDAN SUMMERS, DAVID NOLTE, ROBBIE SCHARF, NELSON BRAGG, and DERRICK ANDERSON. The band will back guest performers including ELLIOT EASTON, PETER BUCK, and more. Also set to appear, “WEIRD AL’ YANKOVIC, SUSANNA HOFFS, KATHY VALENTINE, PETER CASE, VAN DYKE PARKS, BILLY VERA, RON DANTE, PETER ZAREMBA, CINDY LEE BERRYHILL, EVIE SANDS, TOM KENNY, CARLA OLSON, THE THREE O’CLOCK, and more.For information on the AUTISM HEALTHCARE COLLABORATIVE click here. For more on the event, reach out to WILD HONEY’s PAUL ROCK at (323) 255-8839 or or CARY BAKER at 

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