Bobby Darin Estate Re-Launches Direction Records Marking 50th Anniversary Of His Death

 Bobby Darin Estate Re-Launches Direction Records Marking 50th Anniversary Of His Death

Bobby Darin (Photo: Bobby Darin Estate)

Marking the 50th anniversary of BOBBY DARIN’s passing from heart disease at just 37 years old, the singer/actor’s ESTATE has officially relaunched DIRECTION RECORDS, the label he founded in 1968. Distributed by SECRETLY DISTRIBUTION, the DIRECTION RECORDS collection kicks off with the release of five classic albums recorded between 1966 and 1967 and newly reverted to the BOBBY DARIN ESTATE, all available now on digital platforms for the first time ever. The new releases include: “BOBBY DARIN Sings The Shadow Of Your Smile” (1966), “In A Broadway Bag” (1966), “If I Were A Carpenter” (1966), “Inside Out” (1967), and “BOBBY DARIN Sings Doctor Dolittle” (1967). Said DARIN of the label’s foundation at the time, “The purpose of DIRECTION RECORDS is to seek out statement-makers,” heralding the two albums in which he reinvented himself as a serious, socially conscious singer-songwriter  – 1968’s “Born WALDEN ROBERT CASSOTTO” and 1969’s “Commitment.” In addition, the DIRECTION RECORDS catalog will include “Songs From BIG SUR,” a previously released anthology of non-LP singles, rare tracks, alternate takes, and music recorded live during his MAY 1969 residency at L.A’s venerable TROUBADOUR.Said 7S MANAGEMENT’s AMY ABRAMS, “DIRECTION RECORDS will expand to include previously released albums as well as newly found recordings. It’s 50 years since BOBBY DARIN passed this coming DECEMBER, and taking a good look at the legacy of a performer who passed so young, we want to make sure that legacy is well-preserved and available for the fans to share. We’ve spent some time in the archives and believe we have some gems. It takes time to go from discovery to release, but we’re excited for releases this year and in the years to come.”Added DODD DARIN, the only son of BOBBY’s marriage to SANDRA DEE, “It feels good to know the BOBBY DARIN ship is being well-captained going forward. Thank you to all of those who enjoy my Dad’s work and have been so supportive over the years. He put everything he had into every musical genre he explored and he deserves to be remembered as the special talent and human being that he was.“It’s hard to believe that in DECEMBER of this year my Dad will have been gone 50 years. The process of revisiting his work to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his passing has been wonderful for me. Over the past few months I have been immersed in his recordings from his later career. This period of his life was one of great angst and introspection on both a personal and professional level. The brashness and bravado that was so evident in his youth had been mellowed. The changing music scene, combined with a serious medical condition, will humble a man.“One of the most poignant things about the recordings from this era is that you can hear for yourself how at the end of his life he blended together all the musical genres he explored, and delivered them in his live performances. I guess what I’m trying to say is that he was finally comfortable in his own skin and for 90 minutes on stage he was genuinely happy and at the peak of his powers. This is how I hope he will be remembered.”

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