Boost Engagement With The Three E’s

 Boost Engagement With The Three E’s


“Content needs to make people feel something in order to sustain an active, loyal fan base,” explained LORI LEWIS MEDIA President and MERGE author LORI LEWIS.“Here’s why: “When people feel something, they are more likely to comment on or share the content.“Emotional content evokes stronger reactions, which leads to higher awareness and engagement.“Social media content that makes someone feel something fosters relatability and community; creating meaningful and memorable experiences in a space that is often a cesspool of lame and meaningless content.“Everyone wants to feel a part of something – be that something.”Get the details and read more about “Boost Engagement With The Three E’s” in MERGE, which is designed and written to help assist the radio and record industry in the social and digital space. Let us know how we can get the structure going and help study what’s working so you’re on your way to a meaningful and memorable social brand. We help brands do so every day. Reach out to LORI LEWIS, here, or anytime on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN or TWITTER.

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