Congress Proposes ‘Boss & Swift Act’ To Regulate Concert Ticket Sales

 Congress Proposes ‘Boss & Swift Act’ To Regulate Concert Ticket Sales

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U.S. Congressmen BILL PASCRELL JR. and FRANK PALLONE, JR. have introduced what is being called “The BOSS and SWIFT Act,” in the HOUSE to regulate ticket sales for concerts. The bill seeks to bring transparency and regulation to what they describe as the “badly corrupted” live events ticket market.The updated legislation follows the introduction of the ‘TAYLOR SWIFT bill’ in MASSACHUSETTS, which would require ticket-selling companies or resellers to disclose the complete cost of tickets, including all required and associated fees, before customers make a purchase, what the industry has been calling “all-in pricing.”The legislation looks at hidden fees, on-sale transparency, buyer protection, speculative tickets and fake websites.“For too long, millions of AMERICAN fans have been unable to get a fair shake for their tickets and cry out for relief,” Congressman PASCRELL said in a statement. “The recent experience of TAYLOR SWIFT fans being locked out of her tour is not new and SWIFTies are just the latest victims of TICKETMASTER’s policies and a broken market.“For decades, the ticket market has been the Wild West: mammoth, opaque, speculative, and brutally unfair. A fan shouldn’t have to sell a kidney or mortgage a house to see their favorite performer or team. At long last, it is time to create rules for fair ticketing in this country and my legislation will do exactly that for all the fans. I thank my good friend Congressman PALLONE for continuing to support this important ticket marketplace reform bill.”The two introduced an early version of the legislation in 2009 when CONGRESS was flooded with complaints from fans who were directed to secondary sites with inflated prices when trying to buy SPRINGSTEEN tour tickets.“Consumers deserve to enjoy their favorite artists and live entertainment without breaking the bank. It’s past time to update the ticket marketplace to ensure it’s fair, transparent, and working for ticket buyers – not TICKETMASTER or resellers,” added PALLONE.

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