Country Artist Bri Bagwell Launches ‘Only Vans’ Podcast

 Country Artist Bri Bagwell Launches ‘Only Vans’ Podcast

Coming Monday

TEXAS Country artist BRI BAGWELL is branching out into podcasting with her new show, “ONLY VANS.” The show, debuting MONDAY (6/26) and posting new episodes every other MONDAY, features BAGWELL interviewing artists in her band van. The debut episodes will feature BOWLING FOR SOUP’s JARET REDDICK and singer/songwriter HELENE CRONIN.”Coming from someone who appears weekly on podcasts, I wanted to make one of my own that felt less structured,” said BAGWELL. “Less ‘How did you get your start in the music business’ and more ‘How many strange INSTAGRAM messages do you get requesting pictures of your feet’? We often don’t get to be freely open about the weird experiences of our lives, and it’s easier to open up when it’s something that I’ve been through, too.”BAGWELL added, “I love to talk to my friends in the music business, and often think to myself, ‘This would make a very interesting, funny, and different style of podcast!'” 

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