Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) Announces 2023 President’s Award Winners

 Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) Announces 2023 President’s Award Winners

Julie and Scot De Vos

COUNTRY RADIO BROADCASTERS (CRB) has announced that SCOTT and JULIE DE VOS of DE LUX PRODUCTIONS will be the recipients of the 2023 CRB PRESIDENTS AWARD. This is the 26th year that the two have managed behind-the-scenes production and live music events for COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR (CRS).  The award is given to individuals who have demonstrated dedication and played a vital role in shaping the success of CRS. Previous winners include: JOHN ESPOSITO, BEVERLEE BRANNIGAN, SARAH TRAHERN, MIKE DUNGAN, CHARLIE MORGAN, BOB KINGSLEY, JOE GALANTE, ERICA FARBER, and many others. CRB/CRS Board Pres. KURT JOHNSON of TOWNSQUARE MEDIA said, “If you’ve been to CRS, you have enjoyed the work of SCOTT and JULIE. For many years, they’ve produced New Faces [of Country Music show], the label luncheons … all our live music events. Now it’s time to put SCOTT and JULIE in the spotlight. Join us and raise a toast to two great people who make CRS go!” The presentation of the CRB PRESIDENTs AWARD will take place at this year’s COUNTRY RADIO HALL OF FAME event on JULY 10th at NASHVILLE’s VIRGIN HOTEL. As previously reported, the evening will also honor four off-air broadcasters, PAM GREEN, CHARLIE MORGAN, WADE JESSEN, and JOHN WILLYARD as well as on-air personalities TRISH BIONDO and DOLLAR BILL WILSON.

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