DISQO Report Highlights Effectiveness Of Podcast Ads

 DISQO Report Highlights Effectiveness Of Podcast Ads

Podcast Study

A report issued by customer experience platform DISQO offers data to support the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Among the findings in “Proving the Power of Podcast Ads.” 45% of daily podcast listeners pay more attention to podcast ads than listeners to other media; 33% of listeners said they like a brand more when it advertises within a podcast they like (or by a host they like), with 45% of daily podcast listeners agreeing; Younger listeners (18-44) liked podcast ads more than those over 44, by 10 points; Podcast listeners are more likely to be younger, male, highly educated, and have a higher income, with 35-45% of consumers in those groups listening weekly or more often; and searching for podcasts is driven more by content than “star power,” while suggestions for new podcast listening are trusted most from friends and family (52%) and social media (47%).“Podcasts continue to show strong popularity across a wide range of consumer segments, and can be uniquely engaging from an advertising perspective. In fact, about two-thirds of consumers say that they either don’t mind, or actually enjoy podcast ads,” said DISQO Dir.//Research and Insights PATRICK EGAN. “The intimate nature of podcasting offers marketers a unique avenue to drive attitudinal and behavioral lift for their brands.”

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