Edison Research/NPR Study Shows Boomers Lagging In Podcast Listening

 Edison Research/NPR Study Shows Boomers Lagging In Podcast Listening

Come On, Boomers, Try A Podcast Or Two

EDISON RESEARCH and NPR released the results of their study of the 55+ demographic, “Hit Play, Boomer! Podcasting’s Age 55+ Opportunity,” in a live webinar THURSDAY (4/13) conducted by President LARRY ROSIN. The study indicated that podcast listening among Baby Boomers is not growing and is well behind younger demographics, despite Boomers having the tools and interest to listen.“Our current estimate is that 120 million Americans age 12 and older are listening to podcasts on a monthly basis,” said ROSIN. “If Boomers’ levels of listening to podcasts matched that of younger groups, even just 35-54 year-olds, that would mean these numbers would go to over 150 million monthly listeners.  Boomers have the tools to listen and the interest, now the podcast industry just needs to finish the education process.”Among the findings: 70% of Boomers said they are aware of podcasting yet fewer than half have ever tried one, despite over half consuming some other form of online audio; 4 in 5 Boomers own a smartphone and over 60% own a smart TV, so they have the means to listen; those Boomers who do listen over-index for news podcast listening; and the Boomer demographic has historically shown high numbers for direct response advertising and for direct funding appeals.“NPR is pleased to have sponsored this investigation into podcasting among those age 55 and older,” said NPR Dir./Audience Insights SUSAN LELAND. “Our mission is to serve AMERICANS of all ages with the finest quality audio news, information, and entertainment.  Understanding where this group is today will allow us and the whole podcasting industry to open new pathways for growth among this largely untapped age group.”

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