Edison Research Releases Latest Moms And Media Report

 Edison Research Releases Latest Moms And Media Report

Mom Report

EDISON RESEARCH’s annual Moms and Media report, based on EDISON’s INFINITE DIAL study and an additional online survey, showed mothers in the U.S. spending more time on the Internet and increasing their use of digital devices and TIKTOK.Among the findings, moms’ internet usage rose 15 minutes per day from 2022 (four hours, 15 minutes per day), with 90% accessing the internet from mobile phones; 71% own wireless headphones, up from 63% last year; 37% own a smart watch, up from 32%; and 50% use TIKTOK, up from 2022’s 42%, with 19% saying TIKTOK is the social media platform they use the most (FACEBOOK still dominated with 83% usage and 54% favorite, down from 88% and 62% last year, respectively). 89% of moms listened to online audio in the last month, up from 83%, but smart speaker ownership was flat at 50% and voice assistant usage declined.VP MELISSA DECESARE said, “U.S. moms are heavily engaged with social media and online audio, and their time on the Internet continues to increase with the ease of mobile phone access. They are busy with children and are taking advantage of the convenience offered by wireless headphones and smart watches.”See the full report here.

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