Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Launches Threads, Meta’s Twitter Killer

 Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Launches Threads, Meta’s Twitter Killer

Mark Zuckerberg (Photo: Frederic Legran – COMEO / shutterstock.com)

META’s MARK ZUCKERBERG, who is ready to fight ELON MUSK with his fists, is now taking on the tech billionaire by launching his new THREADS platform, designed to take down TWITTER, onto the Internet last night.  With its ties to INSTAGRAM, THREADS threatens to take ad dollars away from TWITTER, currently mired in a series of controversies since ELTON MUSK took it over, including his recent decision to limit the amount of posts users can see.While THREADS is launching as a standalone app, users will be able to log in using their INSTAGRAM credentials and follow the same accounts, giving it an instantaneous base of 2 billion monthly active users.META stocks closed up 3% yesterday ahead of the launch.MUSK bought TWITTER for $44 billion last OCTOBER, but its value has since nosedived as it faced an exodus of advertisers amid deep staffing cuts and content moderation controversies.Similar services, including BLUESKY, backed by TWITTER founder JACK DORSEY, launched a invite-only BETA in FEBRUARY, and now has 50,000 users. He also backed another platform, NOSTR.META’s most recent attempt to create a TIKTOK competitor in LASSO was not successful.The company later incorporated a short video tool directly into INSTAGRAM and more recently shuttered a unit which designed experimental apps as part of a cost-cutting drive.Other experts insist that the text-based TWITTER approach won’t work on the more visual platform INSTAGRAM“The main use cases for TWITTER still remain keeping up with news and world events,” said one. “I find it hard to imagine that the most avid loyal TWITTER users who go there for that type of culture will defect and go immediately to THREADS.”

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