FCC Sends Pirate Radio Warnings To 16 Landowners In New York And New Jersey

 FCC Sends Pirate Radio Warnings To 16 Landowners In New York And New Jersey


The FCC’s crackdown on pirate radio continues with sixteen warnings sent to landowners in the NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY metro area about unauthorized radio broadcasting from their properties.“The law is clear: owners can no longer turn a blind eye to pirate radio operations on their property,” said Enforcement Bureau Chief LOYAAN A. EGAL. “Such activities can interfere with licensed broadcast signals and do not meet the emergency alerting responsibilities of lawful radio stations. I want to thank our field agents for their widespread sweep for illegal broadcasts and for their ongoing vigilance.”The notices were sent to CESAR ESPEJO; BERNARD AND ANNE MEDE; ANTOINE AND ACELINE MERCIUS; ELIZABETH OJOFEITIMI; MICHAEL AND GRACIA SIMMS; R&R MANAGEMENT LLC; ROCHPARK REALTY LLC; AFAI ROCKAWAY CORP.; SAMUEL MERCEUS SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST; RITA JOSEPH; CROWN HEIGHTS LLC; NEW COVENANT CHRISTIAN CHURCH; ANDREA COKE AND PATRICK GREEN; WIRA ASSOCIATES; NEWKIRK 2215 LLC; and BERNADETTE BOOKER.NAB SVP/Communications ALEX SICILIANO said, “NAB congratulates the FCC on its recent enforcement actions against illegal broadcast pirate operations. Pirate radio stations interfere with both licensed broadcast stations and air traffic control systems. In recent years, reductions of FCC field enforcement led directly to increased pirate activity and required Congressional action to provide the additional tools necessary to effectively combat these illegal operators by placing liability on the landowners who facilitate them. With full funding of the 2020 PIRATE Act now in place, NAB looks forward to regular enforcement sweeps that will help maintain order on the public airwaves.”

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