Former Google Developers Launch Myxt, Collaborative Music Workplace

 Former Google Developers Launch Myxt, Collaborative Music Workplace

Chris Wetherell & Sheena Pakanati

MYXT, an audio file management platform for creators, launched with seed funding of $2 million led by ACCEL and QUET CAPITAL to develop its centralized audio workplace and help expand its community of creators. MYXT was built to answer the lack of file-sharing options for audio formats. It brings the tools commonly seen in other workflows – like commenting, real-time collaboration, note taking and promotion – to audio. After testing its beta with musicians, producers, and managers for the last two years, MYXT is introducing its solution for audio professionals including:1.    Storage and organization built for audio, including WAV support and time-stamped commenting.2.    Sharing features to make it easy to collaborate with others on a project or engage with fans on social media, including an embedded video export tool.3.    Creative AI tools such as reference track mastering and auto-generated lyrics.MYXT was founded by CHRIS WETHERELL and SHEENA PAKANATI, both engineers for companies including GOOGLE, STRIPE and TWITTER.Said WETHERELL, “Imagine if someone designed file-sharing for artists as a starting point, rather than an afterthought. Millions of artists need to stream their files and be able to work on them in increments down to the millisecond. MYXT was born out of the need for an intuitive tool that understands how collaboration works in audio. We first set out to confront file storage and sharing, and have enhanced it with other AI and audio tools to make it as easy as possible for artists to focus on their work.”Added ACCEL’s DAN LEVINE, an early investor, “CHRIS and SHEENA are outstanding engineers with experience building products people love including GOOGLE READER, TWITTER and STRIPE. Workflow software such as FIGMA and GITHUB has enabled tremendous increases in productivity for designers and software engineers respectively. Audio creators have been left behind and MYXT is here to help them catch up.”For those interested in joining the team at MYXT, visit the site on LINKEDIN. MYXT is available on web, iOS and Android devices. Sign up for a free trial at 

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