Former KTBZ (94.1 The Buzz)/Houston PD/Personality Don Jantzen Passes Away

 Former KTBZ (94.1 The Buzz)/Houston PD/Personality Don Jantzen Passes Away

Jantzen (Photo: Facebook)

ALL ACCESS has learned that former iHEARTMEDIA Alternative KTBZ (94.5 THE BUZZ)/HOUSTON PD/Afternoon host DON JANTZEN recently passed away. There are no details on the cause of death at this time. JANTZEN exited THE BUZZ in MARCH 2014 after 10 years at the station. Prior to his run at KTBZ, JANTZEN was APD/MD/Afternoon host at AUDACY Active Rock KQRC (98.9 THE ROCK)/KANSAS CITY from 2000 to 2003, and PD/Afternoon host for BAHAKEL Active Rock KILO/COLORADO SPRINGS from 1996 to 2000. JANTZEN has spent the last nine years out of radio, most recently as the Head Golf Superintendent at the Fox Haven Country Club in SIKESTON, MO.HUBBARD Classic Rock KSLX Midday Host PAUL MARSHALL posted this tribute to JANTZEN on his FACEBOOK page: “Just heard…one of my best friends in radio. We slayed every bar we occupied. First ones in…last ones out. Every time. We were legendary…and yet, looking back, it probably wasn’t the best look. We were young, immortal, and stupid. We were supposed to do a morning show together. We’d be under Luchador masks at all times. Nobody would ever see our faces. Only hear our voices. Our friend, DAVE, would be the mouthpiece. He’d handle all questions, which we’d whisper answers to…in his ear. Everything was to be said in third-person. It was a brilliant idea…concocted over many drinks. Unfortunately, last call came for DON before we could see it through. Hope you’re at peace, Brother… I would rather remember the good times. They were many.”

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