Fred Jacobs Asks ‘Is Twitter Hanging By A Thread(s)?’

 Fred Jacobs Asks ‘Is Twitter Hanging By A Thread(s)?’


In the latest JACOBS MEDIA blog post, JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS notes the second potentially game-changing tech phenom to roar into 2023. First it was the ChatGPT app and now it’s META’s THREADS app. THREADS leaps over the top rope and into the ring to challenge TWITTER. JACOBS notes social media guru LORI LEWIS’ strong suggestion to check out THREADS and on MONDAY, look for JACOBS MEDIA’s SETH RESSLER will take on the THREADS topic in his “Connecting The Dots” weekly post.FRED JACOBS tears into how TWITTER and its new leader, ELON MUSK, put their app in such a vulnerable position. JACOBS notes, “MUSK has run TWITTER like a kiddie pool, making up the rules as he goes along.” Key to JACOBS’ blog post is this on the TWITTER vs THREADS battle, “They should serve as a reminder to radio practitioners that there are options in our hi-speed media world – and good ones – especially when a station (or a company) loses its way and takes its listeners for granted.”See the latest JACOBS MEDIA STRATEGY blog here.

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