Fred Jacobs Asks ‘Who’s The Competition’

 Fred Jacobs Asks ‘Who’s The Competition’


In the latest JACOBS MEDIA blog post, JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS addresses the issue of who, exactly, is radio’s competition, and how that competition has been reshaped in the changing media world, noting that many in radio still see the battle for ratings and revenue in a “radio vs radio” context.JACOBS looks to NATASHA ZO’s recent piece in ENTREPRENUER, “Why Cat Videos Are Your Number One Competitor – And How You Can Beat Them”.   JACOBS also looks at TIKTOK viewers going down a “rabbit hole”, quite possibly taking them away from the radio. JACOBS looks to results from TECHSURVEY 2023. JACOBS points out ZO’s suggestions to help stop online scrollers and offers more suggestions.See the latest JACOBS MEDIA STRATEGY blog here.

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