Gala Music To Release Producer Larry Dvoskin’s New Version Of Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ To …

 Gala Music To Release Producer Larry Dvoskin’s New Version Of Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ To …

David Bowie (Photo: Gala Music)

Web3 specialist GALA MUSIC is teaming with writer/producer LARRY DVOSKIN to release a limited series of DAVID BOWIE digital collectibles, including a never-before-heard version of the icon’s 1983 hit “Let’s Dance.” It will be available on APRIL 14th on GALA MUSIC’s platform to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the song and its album. Fans will get a limited window to claim a digital collectible which will allow them to experience the exclusive track for the first time. Fans will also have the opportunity to purchase bespoke pieces of BOWIE-inspired art with all initial proceeds donated to MUSICARES.A collaboration between BOWIE and DVOSKIN, who served as producer, the track was recorded 19 years after the original 1983 hit, a new take on the classic song. Explained DVOSKIN, “When I first talked with the executor of the BOWIE ESTATE, he told me he initially planned to listen to my pitch about releasing this as an NFT and then politely pass. But when he pulled up the original 2002 email in which BOWIE expressed his enthusiasm for doing the recording, that changed his mind. This was a creative endeavor DAVID never got to see released during his lifetime. We are honoring his wish by releasing it now.“I am first and foremost a huge BOWIE fan. It would have been a mistake to attempt to copy the original. This is something different. DAVID simply imagined a more dreamy, electronic version. He is the original disruptor of expectations.”The digital collection is WARNER-CHAPPELL MUSIC’s first completely native NFT agreement for a song that was never released previously on vinyl, CD, or as a digital version in the company’s history. Said GALA MUSIC CEO SARAH BUXTON, “It’s a privilege to share this unreleased version of such an iconic song with the world. We’re excited to give BOWIE fans a new way to play his music on the blockchain while helping the health and financial wellness of the music industry at large through our charitable partner, MUSICARES.” 

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