Gimlet Media, Rhiannon Giddens Among Pulitzer Prize Winners

 Gimlet Media, Rhiannon Giddens Among Pulitzer Prize Winners


The staff of SPOTIFY’s GIMLET MEDIA, with journalist and host CONNIE WALKER singled out, won the 2023 PULITZER PRIZE for Audio Reporting for the second season of the podcast “STOLEN,” “Surviving ST. MICHAELS.”The announcement of the award noted that WALKER’s “investigation into her father’s troubled past revealed a larger story of abuse of hundreds of Indigenous children at an Indian residential school in CANADA, including other members of WALKER’s extended family, a personal search for answers expertly blended with rigorous investigative reporting.”Folk artist and GRAMMY winner RHIANNON GIDDENS and composer MICHAEL ABELS were awarded the PULITZER in the music category for their opera “OMAR,” which the judges described as “an innovative and compelling opera about enslaved people brought to NORTH AMERICA from Muslim countries, a musical work that respectfully represents African as well as African American traditions, expanding the language of the operatic form while conveying the humanity of those condemned to bondage.”

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