Great South Bay Music Festival Announces 2023 Lineup

 Great South Bay Music Festival Announces 2023 Lineup

July 20-23, 2023

The four-day music and arts festival will be held at SHOREFRONT PARK in PATCHOGUE VILLAGE, NY from JULY 20-23.  Headline acts will include GOV’T MULE, PHIL LESH & FRIENDS, DIRTY HEADS, and HOT TUNA.HOT TUNA announced their final LONG ISLAND performance will be at the GREAT SOUTH BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL. Guitarist & vocalist JORMA KAUKONEN said, “Around 1958, JACK (CASADY) and I played our first gig in CHARLOTTE HARBOUR’s basement in WASHINGTON, DC. I was the singer and played rhythm guitar and JACK played lead. I was 17 and JACK was 14…always ahead of his time. I cannot tell you exactly what songs we played, but for sure there were BUDDY HOLLY songs, CONWAY TWITTY songs, JIMMY CLANTON songs; Just a dream, just a dream, All our plans and all our schemes. Who knew at that time what our musical dreams would become. Beyond our wildest dreams, I can tell you that. Sixty-five (count ‘em …65!) years of making music with my best friend. To say that everything has changed would be an understatement. Throwing your instrument in the back of your ride and piling in with your bandmates is legend for every traveling musician. Since then, collectively we’ve probably played around 15,000 gigs. We’re not done counting yet. That said, it’s time to stop thinking of living as it was… indeed, into the future we must cross.”GREAT SOUTH BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL Producer JIM FAITH said, “JORMA, JACK & friends have headlined GSB many times in the past and were always considered friends of the fest. When we were approached to host this historic final LI ELECTRIC show, we were of course truly honored. We are excited to be such an iconic part of the ELECTRIC HOT TUNA journey and legacy”.For ticket info click here.

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