Have Radio And Records Gone From ‘Dancing Like Fred Astaire’ To Line Dancing At Billy …

 Have Radio And Records Gone From ‘Dancing Like Fred Astaire’ To Line Dancing At Billy …

CRS 360

On YESTERDAY’s (7/26) “CRS 360” webinar from the COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR organizers, STONEY CREEK RECORDS VP/Innovation, Radio & Streaming ADRIAN MICHAELS shared his thoughts on the changing nature of the relationship between radio and record promotion pros. While noting that, “I work at a company that still values radio in a very high way,” MICHAELS said that previously, radio and records “were dancing like FRED ASTAIRE. We knew each other’s moves.” Now, he says, “I feel like I’m part of a line dance at BILLY BOB’S … or a synchronized swim” in a pool.He also suggested that for Country radio to still lead and be viable among all the other music platforms, “We’ve got to agree on consensus hits.” That may be a matter of playing less new music, but in higher rotations and better dayparts to more quickly get new singles to 200+ daytime spins. From there, he said, labels must be willing to “be grownups on the other end of being able to take the news” if the record is truly not performing even with meaningful, daytime airplay.The webinar, titled “The Power of Collaboration: How Country Radio, Labels, and DSPs can work together to shape the Country Industry,” also included keen insights from AMAZON MUSIC Head/Country Music MICHELLE KAMMERER, ALPHA MEDIA Country KBAY/KKDV (BAY COUNTRY 94.5/92.1)/SAN JOSE PD BO MATTHEWS and moderator BEVERLEE BRANNIGAN, a veteran radio programmer and executive. Stream the full session here.

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