Inspired By An Airline, John Shomby Outlines Tips For Making Employees Feel Valued

 Inspired By An Airline, John Shomby Outlines Tips For Making Employees Feel Valued


An article about DELTA — coupled with his own recent positive experience with the airline — serve as the inspiration for COUNTRY’S RADIO COACH owner JOHN SHOMBY’s latest column for ALL ACCESS. The article explained how DELTA chose its employees, including its pilots, over profits in the first quarter of this year. It may have been a gamble, says SHOMBY, but “they knew that happy, loyal employees would eventually translate into happy, loyal customers, which would bring back those profits and keep those shareholders happy.”Applying that lesson a little closer to home, SHOMBY says, “Considering the recent cutbacks at various industry organizations (not just radio, by the way), we are again witnessing what appears to be short-term thinking in our business. What if some of those and other related companies looked ahead 5-10 years rather than just to the end of 2023 or sooner, as did this large airline corporation?”He notes that, “90% of the conversations I have with industry folks deal with their lack of time, revolving around the many layers of bosses and the many layers of job responsibilities, combined with the lack of proper guidance. We can’t control the decisions, but we can sure affect those who work around us and for us.”SHOMBY continues, “No matter your position — GM, OM, PD, Marketing Director, DOS, GSM, APD/MD, whatever — here is what you can learn from the [DELTA] example: Treat your employees as the most valued and it will come back to you. Do it with strong actionable examples like 1) creating a REAL work-life balance, something very important these days; 2) create achievable performance bonuses monthly or quarterly; 3) Attempt to offer a reasonable compensation package commensurate with the amount of responsibility and time; 4) Celebrate their achievements. Recognize their contributions as often as possible; 5) Promote from within first. When employees see a chance to move up inside the building, they will work hard to be recognized.”Read more in SHOMBY’s latest column, “Trading Profits For Loyalty – Now There’s An Idea,” in ALL ACCESS’ CONSULTANT TIPS section here.

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