‘Intelligence Squared U.S.’ Changes Name To ‘Open To Debate’

 ‘Intelligence Squared U.S.’ Changes Name To ‘Open To Debate’

New Look

Debate-producing organization and weekly public radio show, YOUTUBE series, and podcast “INTELLIGENCE SQUARED U.S.” is changing its name to “OPEN TO DEBATE.”“The name OPEN TO DEBATE better reflects what we bring to the public square,” said Chairman ROBERT ROSENKRANZ. “A healthy democracy needs citizens who are open minded and willing to consider opposing views. It needs more critical thinking and less emotion. It needs more analysis and less ideology. It needs a contempt free zone for public discourse. On the critical issues of the day, it needs to be OPEN TO DEBATE.”“Renaming our organization has been years in the making,” said CEO CLEA CONNER. “We worked with experts spanning education, policy, behavioral psychology, and mainstream media to address two serious problems facing AMERICA: new, extreme levels of polarization, and the historic erosion of trust in our institutions. OPEN TO DEBATE is a call to action and an invitation to listen, learn, and work together despite our differences. We’re at an inflection point in this country and hope this new brand engages more Americans in being OPEN TO DEBATE.” “We’re going to disagree. We’re going to argue,” said moderator JOHN DONVAN. “That’s just human nature, but it doesn’t have to make us hate each other the way we’re seeing. Not if we set out to argue well, and in good faith, and in a way that involves actually hearing the other side. That’s the point of being OPEN TO DEBATE. So, yeah, agreement may remain out of reach, but at least we’ll understand our opponents better. And by showing respect, win their respect… and maybe even a few arguments.”The official launch under the new name comes with FRIDAY’s episode (3/14), a debate on the question “Are Men Finished and Should We Help Them?”

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