Joe Kelley Adds An Hour At WDBO/Orlando

 Joe Kelley Adds An Hour At WDBO/Orlando


COX MEDIA GROUP News-Talk WDBO-A-W297BB/ORLANDO is adding an hour to JOE KELLEY’s show starting MONDAY (5/1). KELLEY will now start an hour earlier and run 5-7p (ET) weekdays; the third hour of PREMIERE NETWORKS’ SEAN HANNITY will be delayed until 7p.”I’m really excited about the opportunity given to me by WDBO to help lead on-air discussions about such vital issues during such unstable times,” said KELLEY. “Instead of talking points, I’ll just bring my natural curiosity about issues and life. Instead of screaming and yelling, I’ll engage our great listeners in compelling discussion about the day’s events. Instead of calling people names, I’ll welcome all opinions and ideas equally. Most importantly, I want THE JOE KELLEY SHOW to be fun, interesting and easy-to-listen-to.”“As we embrace JOE KELLEY and celebrate the expansion of his local radio show, we also embrace the positive impact it will have on our community,” said Director of Branding and Programming KEITH MEMOLY. “With more time to share his insightful perspective and engaging personality, JOE will continue to uplift, connect, and strengthen the bonds that make our community thrive.”

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