John Shomby Says ‘Walkaway Days’ Can Give Programmers New Insight Into Their Own …

 John Shomby Says ‘Walkaway Days’ Can Give Programmers New Insight Into Their Own …


Sometimes the best way to get a handle on on your own radio station is to walk away. So says COUNTRY’S RADIO COACH owner JOHN SHOMBY in his latest column for ALL ACCESS. To gain insights about both your own station, and the competition, he recommends taking one day per quarter to just listen, document what you’re hearing, and do it away from the office to reduce distractions.SHOMBY did this routinely through much of his own programming career, compiling the insights he gleaned each time into a report for the GM, sales and air staffs with a plan of action to address what small adjustments they could make with all this new information in hand. “The ground rules were to listen to both stations simultaneously and record every element from each starting at 6 a.m. and going non-stop until 6 p.m.,” he explains of his process. “As I listened, I learned … I could see the imbalance of certain imaging, or how little we promoted our biggest on-air giveaway, or how little we really did sound ‘local’ at times. With our competitor, I could hear … where they had key element and music placement and where they dropped the ball in spots. On top of that, I would have each station’s socials open throughout the day to see how each was connecting off air and complementing on-air.” Another key to what he calls his “walkaway days” was not to let the air staff know in advance it was happening in order to “make this process as pure as possible.”Find out what more about “walkaway days” in SHOMBY’s latest column, “Walk Away From Your Radio Station – Now,” in ALL ACCESS’ CONSULTANT TIPS section here.

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