Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s ‘Recess Redo’ Awards $100k To Elementary School

 Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s ‘Recess Redo’ Awards $100k To Elementary School

‘Recess Redo’ Awards $100k

Nationally syndicated KID KRADDICK MORNING SHOW and PLAY & PARK STRUCTURES awarded $100,000 to FRANK MADLA ELEMENTARY in SAN ANTONIO, TX after its “Recess Redo” competition, making it the the biggest single giveaway in the show’s history. Schools from affiliate markets were asked to show off their playgrounds that were old, dangerous or non-existent and write about why they deserved a brand new playground structure worth more than $100,000.School Vice Principle BETTE JACKSON was surprised live, on-air with the news, “We’re so excited about this! This is a big thing for us. The kids are excited – they were all in on this contest – parents, our community, our staff members, friends… it was great!”Show Host J-SI CHAVEZ said, “So happy for FRANK MADLA ELEMENTARY! Hopefully this creates a conversation in school districts to get more funding for updated playgrounds in other schools. When I think of my elementary school days, I have so many happy memories, and now the students at FRANK MADLA will have the memories of being able to play on a brand new state-of-the-art playground. We’re also super excited to join the students and staff when the playground officially opens, and challenge them to see who can go down the slide the fastest! Thank you again to PLAY & PARK STRUCTURES.”PLAY & PARK STRUCTURES Dir./Marketing & Product Development KELLY ELLINGTON added, “Playgrounds are special places where children of all ages and abilities come together to be active, connect, learn and laugh. It is rewarding to know that my team at PLAY & PARK STRUCTURES plays a vital role in gifting FRANK MADLA ELEMENTARY a new playground that will forever be a blessing to this community in SAN ANTONIO.”

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