Larry Elder Announces Bid For GOP Presidential Nomination

 Larry Elder Announces Bid For GOP Presidential Nomination


Former syndicated radio talk host LARRY ELDER has announced his campaign for the Republican nomination for President. ELDER, who left SALEM RADIO NETWORK in 2022 to make a run for Governor of CALIFORNIA as part of the failed attempt to recall Gov. GAVIN NEWSOM, made the announcement on TUCKER CARLSON’s FOX NEWS CHANNEL show. ELDER is adding his name to a growing list of challengers to DONALD TRUMP for the nomination, including NIKKI HALEY, Sen. TIM SCOTT (R-SC), former ARKANSAS Governor ASA HUTCHINSON, entrepreneur VIVEK RAMASWAMY, and the yet-to-announce FLORIDA Gov. RON DE SANTIS and former VP MIKE PENCE (another former radio host).ELDER, an attorney, is best known for his years hosting talk shows on LOS ANGELES radio, mostly at KABC-A. He also hosts video shows for the EPOCH TIMES, a newspaper associated with (but not technically owned by) the FALUN GONG.

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