Madrid Music Scene Explored In World Cafe’s ‘Sense Of Place’ Series

 Madrid Music Scene Explored In World Cafe’s ‘Sense Of Place’ Series

Music From Madrid

MADRID’s vibrant music scene and some of its up-and-coming artists will be featured in the WORLD CAFE SENSE OF PLACE series from JULY 12th through 18th. Content that will be heard during the “SENSE OF PLACE: MADRID” series was recorded in the city during an APRIL 2023 visit by WORLD CAFE host RAINA DOURIS, and Sr. Producer KIMBERLY JUNOD. DOURIS shared, “There’s a buzzing energy in the city that combines with a genuine warmth to create something completely unique – and you can hear it in the music and interviews we recorded there. In “SENSE OF PLACE: MADRID,” we hear from artists who were part of the post-dictatorship explosion of creativity in the ‘80s, and from artists who continue to push musical boundaries in this vibrant, cosmopolitan SPANISH capital today. MADRID is a city that feels – and sounds – alive.”Here’s the “SENSE OF PLACE: MADRID”: series schedule:WEDNESDAY, JULY 12th:  Interview and performance with global music star JORGE DREXLER. THURSDAY, JULY 13th:  Interview and performance with MADRID rockers HINDS.FRIDAY, JULY 14th: Interview with AVIADOR DRO members SERVANDO CARBALLAR and MARTA CERVERA, who started one of SPAIN’s first independent record labels, about LA MOVIDA MADRILEÑA.MONDAY, July 17th: Interview and performance MADRID-based songwriter and producer RALPHIE CHOO.TUESDAY, JULY 18th:  Interview and performance with female foursome GINEBRAS.To listen online go here. For more about WORLD CAFE, go here. 

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