Man Charged With Text Threat Against Kansas City Talk Host

 Man Charged With Text Threat Against Kansas City Talk Host

Felony Charge

A man has been arrested on charges that he threatened the life of AUDACY News-Talk KMBZ-F/KANSAS CITY afternoon “DANA & PARKS” co-host DANA PARKS in a text message.The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that JOHN D. GRIBBLE faces a felony criminal threat charge in JOHNSON COUNTY (KS) DISTRICT COURT over a MARCH text message, and has been placed on house arrest and ordered to stay away from PARKS, the radio station, and its employees. A hearing over GRIBBLE’s attorney’s request to have the defendant placed in a diversion program is set for JULY 19th.PARKS posted a photo of the message on FACEBOOK; the message read, “Holy (expletive), I’ve just heard how much a (expletive) DANA is while replaying the 3/21 show in regards to how to say REGINA SASKATCHEWAN. That stupid libtard loudmouth (expletive) needs to be publicly killed. Someday I’ll find that stupid (expletive) and fix that problem. SCOTT (PARKS) is the only voice of reason on that show.”In her post, PARKS wrote, “I am certainly not sharing this for sympathy or clicks- but it is important to me that we talk about what’s happening — especially to women- who have any type of platform or voice in our city and beyond.  This particular threat is not the first — BY FAR — we have received, and I know that it will not be the last.  I am sharing this- because I am done being quiet about it. I have been threatened so many times and it is ALWAYS a keyboard warrior angry about the absolute STUPIDEST topics:  Women in technology in KC, the railroad strike, supply chain issues, or my pronunciation of a town in CANADA I have never heard of- to name a few. We teach our children that words have consequences, and sometimes those consequences are criminal in nature, as is the case here.  I want to urge my colleagues in the media to be vigilant with your safety. We have seen a shocking increase in violence against our peers in all aspects of broadcasting and media- brazen, horrible threats attributed to nuts who will even sign their own names.”

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