Mick Mars Suing Motley Crue For Trying To Kick Him Out Of Band, Profits

 Mick Mars Suing Motley Crue For Trying To Kick Him Out Of Band, Profits

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MOTLEY CRUE guitarist MICK MARS, who co-founded the group in 1981, has filed a lawsuit against the band, claiming they kicked him out and are cutting him off from profits. He has asked a judge to allow him to inspect the band’s business records and be awarded attorneys’ fees.The lawsuit claims MARS (ROBERT ALAN DEAL) said he would no longer tour with the group due to his deteriorating medical condition, but that he would still do residencies and dates that didn’t involve too much travel.According to the suit, the group then decided to “fire” MARS via a shareholders’ meeting as an officer of CRUE’s corporation and six other related businesses of which he claims to be a 25% shareholder.The lawsuit further claims that MARS founded the band, picked lead singer VINCE NEIL and named the band MOTLEY CRUE. MARS and bassist NIKKI SIXX were the only musicians to stay in the band since its formation.MARS further alleges that SIXX would make “band decisions” without telling the other musicians.Throughout the tour, the lawsuit claims, SIXX teased MARS about his playing, all while SIXX himself wasn’t playing the bass. “SIXX did not play a single note on bass during the entire U.S. tour,” the lawsuit states. “Ironically, 100% of his bass parts were nothing but recordings. SIXX was seen fist pumping in the air with his strumming hand, while the bass part was playing.”“In fact, a significant portion of NEIL’s vocals were also pre-recorded. Even some of LEE’s drum parts were recordings. Some fans actually noticed that LEE was walking toward his drum set as they heard his drum part begin.”MARS played his last gig with the band on SEPTEMBER 9th, 2022. He alleges that a little over a month later, an attorney gave him paperwork that effectively cut him out of the group and its businesses, when he was replaced by JOHN 5. MARS announced his retirement from touring on OCTOBER 26th, and the group then announced JOHN 5’s arrival.“While change is never easy, we accept MICK’s decision to retire from the band due to the challenges with his health,” NEIL, SIXX and LEE said in a joint statement at the time. “We have watched MICK manage his ankylosing spondylitis for decades, and he has always managed it with utmost courage and grace. To say ‘enough is enough’ is the ultimate act of courage. MICK’s sound helped define MOTLEY CRUE from the minute he plugged in his guitar at our very first rehearsal together. The rest, as they say, is history. We’ll continue to honor his musical legacy.”MARS informed the band that he was not leaving the group or giving up his roles in their businesses, the suit claims. The band ultimately responded with a demand for arbitration, “essentially suing him” to claim that he was no longer a shareholder. CRUE have a handful of stadium dates booked alongside DEF LEPPARD this summer.

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