Montana Becomes First State To Ban TikTok

 Montana Becomes First State To Ban TikTok

Outlawed In Montana

MONTANA has become the first state to ban TIKTOK. The measure, signed into law by MONTANA Governor GREG GIANFORTE, takes effect in JANUARY 2024. The social media app is owned by BYTEDANCE, a Chinese technology company. Experts expect the ban to be challenged in court.The ban stems from concerns that TIKTOK can and is being used to allow the government of CHINA to access data on users and influence users with pro-Chinese government misinformation.The new law in MONTANA bans the download of TIKTOK and would fine any app store or TIKTOK $10,000 per day for each time someone is “offered the ability” to access or download TIKTOK. Users would not be liable for penalties, only app stores and TIKTOK.ABC NEWS has more on the ban.

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