Morrison Hotel Gallery To Unveil Limited Led Zeppelin Exhibit

 Morrison Hotel Gallery To Unveil Limited Led Zeppelin Exhibit

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MORRISON HOTEL GALLERY will present an upcoming exhibition featuring LED ZEPPELIN, opening on JUNE 8th in LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK. The exhibit will be availible for view through JUNE 22nd. The career-spanning retrospective chronicles the band’s exalted rise, widely-storied world tours and rare moments in music history immortalized only in memory and fine art photography. The exhibition will feature album artwork from LED ZEPPELIN IV designed and signed by JIMMY PAGE, last edition signed prints by late photographers BARON WOLMAN, PETER SIMON, PETER TARNOFF, and TERRY O’NEILL, and an iconic photo from LED ZEPPELIN’s first photoshoot ever as a band, sold exclusively through MORRISON HOTEL GALLERY. Visitors will be able to glimpse behind-the-scenes of some of their most memorable moments throughout their career.MORRISON HOTEL GALLERY co-owner TIMOTHY WHITE said, “For over five decades, LED ZEPPELIN has inspired and entertained generations of music lovers with their dynamic sound and mesmerizing performances. We are excited to host this exhibition of their history, which will give people an opportunity to celebrate the reign and legacy of one of the greatest rock and roll acts of all time.”Click here for more information.

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