Nashville’s Big Timber Entertainment Signs Deal With Artist Mia Brown

 Nashville’s Big Timber Entertainment Signs Deal With Artist Mia Brown

Brown (Photo: Vitalii Garbulinskii)

NASHVILLE-based BIG TIMBER ENTERTAINMENT (BTE) has signed multi-genre artist MIA BROWN. The announcement was made by partners TROY BROWN and MARK OLIVERIUS. The WAUSAU, WI native’s music is described as mix of “today’s Midwest Pop, Club Bangers, ’70s FM Rock, and Jazz, all topped with the perfect blend of Country.”BROWN said, “BIG TIMBER ENTERTAINMENT believes in my multi-genre style of music, and I couldn’t be more excited to be signed with them. I write about whatever I’m feeling at that time, and from a genre standpoint, that can be anywhere between Country, Pop, Jazz or Rock. MARK OLIVERIUS and I have been working on my debut project for about two years. It will be released later this year. We’ve written the majority of the songs together, and most of the songs come from raw emotion and my real-life situations. I have had the honor and pleasure of co-writing with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters for this project, and can’t wait to share my new music with the world!”OLIVERIUS added, “When I first started working with MIA, I was blown away by the velvet smooth texture and the agility of her voice. She handled her lead and background vocals effortlessly with speed, precision, soul and power! Her attitude, work ethic, kindness and intelligence are first-rate. BIG TIMBER ENTERTAINMENT is excited to sign her and we look forward to igniting her career.”BROWN is also a part of BTE’s live production, “That’s 70s Music!”

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