National Headliner Awards Led By Radio Best In Show WLRN/Miami, Podcast Best In Show …

 National Headliner Awards Led By Radio Best In Show WLRN/Miami, Podcast Best In Show …


THE PRESS CLUB OF ATLANTIC CITY has announced the winners of the 2023 NATIONAL HEADLINER AWARDS, and GERARD ALBERT III, KATE PAYNE, and CHRISTINE DIMATTEI of MIAMI-DADE SCHOOLS/FRIENDS OF WLRN News-Talk WLRN/MIAMI took Best in Show honors in the radio category for “The Death-Penalty Trial and Verdict of the PARKLAND School Shooter,” the first place winner in the Breaking News or Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event category. The judges’ statement about the WLRN piece called it “thoroughly reported as if the reporter didn’t want to waste ‘space.’ Words painted detailed pictures of the actions and people better than what most would glean from actual visuals. The reporter was truly our eyes and ears in a calm, measured and detail-oriented approach to conveying the courtroom experience and impact.”Best in Show for podcasts was the Narrative Podcast winner, “UNFINISHED: ERNIE’S SECRET,” from SCRIPPS NEWS and STITCHER, about which the judges said, “In a category with many strong entries, “Unfinished: Ernie’s Secret” stands out. The fact of the story is simple: a prominent civil rights era photographer was also an FBI informant. But the nuances, humanity and historical context are what separated this work. It draws from a range of sources, including FBI documents and the result is a compelling work of great journalism.”Other first place winners:Podcasts:Civic/political affairs podcast: ECONOMIC HARDSHIP REPORTING PROJECT, “TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,” WPR/PRX, “Going for Broke,” RAY SUAREZ, ALISSA QUART, SHANNON HENRY KLEIBER and StaffInformation podcast: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA News-Talk WUNC (NORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC RADIO)/CHAPEL HILL, NC, “EMBODIED”Criminal justice and/or crime podcast: THE INTERCEPT, “MURDERVILLE, TEXAS”Radio Stations:Radio stations newscast, all markets: HEARST News-Talk WBAL-A-W268BA/BALTIMORE, “WBAL NEWS NOW AT 5 AM”Radio stations feature and human interest story, all markets: WUNC, “The Military Is Trying to Protect AMERICA’s First Black Marine Base From Storms and Rising Seas,” JAY PRICERadio stations documentary or public affairs: TEXAS STANDARD, “UVALDE: What’s Next?,” LAURA RICE, LEAH SCARPELLI AND RHONDA FANNINGRadio stations news series: BOSTON UNIVERSITY News-Talk WBUR/BOSTON, “Secrecy and Violence,” ALLY JARMANNINGRadio stations health/science/pandemic story: WLRN, “FLORIDA’s severe child psychiatrist shortage keeps one provider in MIAMI-DADS up at night,” VERÓNICA ZARAGOVIABroadcast radio networks and syndicators newscast: BLOOMBERG RADIO, “BLOOMBERG RADIO Newscast: 5 a.m. on FEBRUARY 24, 2022”Broadcast radio networks and syndicators breaking news or continuing coverage: MARKETPLACE, “As ROE Is Overturned, Workplaces Scramble To Address Employee Benefits Around Abortion Care,” MEGHAN MCCARTY CARINO and DIANTHA PARKERBroadcast radio networks and syndicators feature and human interest story: NPR, “Grief and Grit: Ten years after SANDY HOOK, one woman continues to wrestle with her double loss,” TOVIA SMITH, CATHERINE LAIDLAW, WALTER RAY WATSON and ELIZABETH BAKERBroadcast radio networks and syndicators documentary or public affairs: SCRIPPS NEWS and REVEAL FROM THE CENTER FOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING, “Inside the Global Fight for White Power”Broadcast radio networks and syndicators news series: METROPOLITAN INDIANAPOLIS PUBLIC MEDIA News-Talk WFYI/INDIANAPOLIS and NPR, “The special education teacher shortage,” LEE GAINES, DYLAN PEERS MCCOY, and NICOLE COHENBroadcast radio networks and syndicators pandemic coverage/project: MARKETPLACE, “Life In and Out of Lockdown: Covid In CHINA,” JENNIFER PAK and JOHN BUCKLEY

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