Nebraska & Massachusetts Broadcasters Associations Launch High School Radio Project

 Nebraska & Massachusetts Broadcasters Associations Launch High School Radio Project

High School Radio Project

The co-venture between the NEBRASKA BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION and the MASSACHUSETTS BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION will create the HIGH SCHOOL RADIO PROJECT, designed to bring real-world radio skills to high school media students in both states.Students will develop important communication skills, and get a start on a potential career in radio. NEBRASKA BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION President/Executive Director JIM TIMM said, “The NBA board of directors challenged me to seek new ways to get more high school students interested in radio. In thinking about possible options, I recalled a situation from an NBA-sponsored high school media camp where one student whined about going on the campus radio station because radio is ‘lame’ and ‘no one cares about it.’ Camp advisors held their ground, the students went on the air and had so much fun – including the whiner student – that they stayed on into the night and added more on-air time to the camp schedule.”TIMM added, “Realizing that few students can get a station tour let alone go on the air if they do, my mind moved toward bringing the radio station to their classroom. Once I had the HSRP concept sketched out, I wanted a critical review from someone who could understand the objective and provide needed feedback. Having worked with JORDAN WALTON (MASSACHUSETTS BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION Executive Director) on other projects, I asked him to hear me out and tell me whether the concept had potential. Jordan fell in love with it, added tremendous technical and practical suggestions, and we took it to our respective boards for approval. Jordan has been an invaluable partner in building out the HSRP.”  NEBRASKA’s MILLARD WEST HIGH SCHOOL teacher MARK HILBURN said, “The HIGH SCHOOL RADIO PROJECT has been such a fun, hands-on learning experience for both my students and myself. They were quick to learn the ins and outs of the equipment, and have really taken ownership of the process. They enjoy scheduling music, recording news segments and PSAs and voice tracking. We’ve also had really positive feedback from our school, with many teachers playing our MILLARD WEST-branded station ‘The Uproar’ in their classes during independent and group work time. My students have even thought about taking this to the next level with live segments, sports and more.”WATERTOWN, MASS. HIGH SCHOOL media teacher TODD ROBBINS said, “School-based student media is the best laboratory for students to experiment with career-ready skills from researching, to writing, to voicing, to editing content for consumption by an audience, and more. The repetitions students gain through the HSRP’s learn-by-doing hands-on model are invaluable. Student broadcasters need a place to learn and experience successes and challenges the same way a student driver does. The HSRP creates the perfect balance of opportunity to thrive or struggle in a safe environment.”

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