New Podcast Dramatizes Story Of John Quincy Adams

 New Podcast Dramatizes Story Of John Quincy Adams

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CURIOSITY, iHEARTPODCASTS, and SCHOOL OF HUMANS are releasing a history podcast dramatizing the story of President JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. “FOUNDING SON: JOHN QUINCY’S AMERICA” is hosted by THE AVETT BROTHERS’ bassist BOB CRAWFORD and features PATRICK WARBURTON as the voice of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, NICK OFFERMAN as ANDREW JACKSON, and GREY DELISLE as LOUISA ADAMS, with documentarian KEN BURNS, CNN’s JOHN KING and MICHAEL SMERCONISH, CRAWFORD’s bandmate SCOTT AVETT, and others in the voice cast. The show debuts APRIL 13th.“JOHN QUINCY ADAMS is THE most important historical figure that no one knows about,” said CRAWFORD. “He is the bridge between WASHINGTON and LINCOLN. The man who stood in the gap and kept the promise of American democracy alive when the Slavocracy sought to undermine it. I have dreamed about making a series about JOHN QUINCY ADAMS for years and am so grateful to iHEARTPODCASTS, CURIOSITY, and SCHOOL OF HUMANS for helping bring AMERICA’s sixth president to life.”“A fantastic opportunity working with BOB CRAWFORD and having the opportunity to give voice to an American historical figure such as JOHN QUINCY ADAMS,” said WARBURTON.“I’m used to having others read for our projects so I was thrilled to get a call from BOB to provide a voice in his JOHN QUINCY ADAMS podcast,” said BURNS. “I’ve always thought that our history is rich in stories that allow us to understand better who we were — and are — as a people. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS is a founding son but he was also a leading light who can continue to teach us about the early years of our country and, in particular, the original sin of slavery that has had such a tremendous impact on our history. I congratulate BOB and his team for sharing a story that is impactful, engaging, educational and also hugely entertaining. It is history at its best.”“JOHN QUINCY ADAMS’ passionate advocacy for petitions against slavery and his role fighting other controversial issues are legendary, and the richness of the voices in ‘Founding Son’ truly transport us back to a critical moment in American history,” said CURIOSITY Head of Content ROB BURK. “iHEART and SCHOOL OF HUMANS have produced another phenomenal podcast that is sure to keep listeners on the edge of their seat, wanting even more.”

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