New Podcast Tells Story Of South African Swimmer Denied Chance At Olympics Due To …

 New Podcast Tells Story Of South African Swimmer Denied Chance At Olympics Due To …

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CANDLE MEDIA’s ATTN: and JESSICA BIEL and MICHELLE PURPLE’s IRON OCEAN PRODUCTIONS have teamed for a four-episode podcast series telling the story of  South African swimmer LESLEY CAIRNS and her exclusion from the OLYMPICS and the record books due to Apartheid. “THE LOST OLYMPIANS” is narrated by CAIRNS’ brother PATRICK and is being released with all four episodes available TODAY (7/27) as an AUDIBLE exclusive.“This series is both dramatic and personal, and provides listeners with a unique perspective on South African athletes’ contributions to the liberation movement and the effects of inequality on elite swimming in SOUTH AFRICA, both 50 years ago and today,” said PATRICK CAIRNS. “I am grateful to IRON OCEAN PRODUCTIONS and ATTN: for the opportunity to tell the powerful story of my sister and a generation of incredible athletes from our home country.”“LESLEY was one of SOUTH AFRICA’s best swimmers but the Apartheid regime stole both her chances at the OLYMPICS and her well-deserved place in the history books,” said ATTN: Co-Founders JARRETT MORENO and MATTHEW SEGAL in a joint statement. “We are thrilled to partner with AUDBILE and IRON OCEAN to shine a light on her extraordinary story.”“As we bring our mission of uplifting female voices and stories to our first podcast project, we couldn’t have chosen better partners than AUDIBLE and ATTN:,” said BIEL and PURPLE in a joint statement. “LESLEY’s story is truly remarkable, inspiring, and deeply frustrating all at once. We believe it will resonate with listeners just as deeply as it did with us.”

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