Oak Ridge Boys Celebrate 50 Years Of Current Configuration

 Oak Ridge Boys Celebrate 50 Years Of Current Configuration

The Oak Ridge Boys (Photo: Brandon Wood / Indie Bling Studios)

COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME members THE OAK RIDGE BOYS are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the four current members, DUANE ALLEN (who joined the group in 1966), JOE BONSALL (1973), WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN (1965), and RICHARD STERBAN (1972), coming together to form the group as it is known today. The band originally started in 1943 when its original members were recruited to entertain the sequestered personnel and their families at the OAK RIDGE nuclear research facility in TENNESSEE.In 1945, they made their debut performances on the GRAND OLE OPRY stage. In the early ’70s, THE OAK RIDGE BOYS forged a new direction and a new sound with the additions of STERBAN and BONSALL.”I was 25 years old in 1973 when I joined THE OAK RIDGE BOYS,” said BONSALL. “I am 75 years old in 2023 and I am STILL an OAK RIDGE BOY. It has been and still IS an amazing ride.”Added STERBAN, “It has been an honor to sing with DUANE, JOE, and WILLIAM LEE. We have been extremely blessed. I have had an extraordinary life, and I am thankful to the Lord above.”GOLDEN said, “The history of THE OAK RIDGE BOYS runs deep in AMERICA’s history. I am honored to still be a part of it. We are a family and always will be.”Concluded ALLEN, “To be anywhere with anyone for 50 years is an accomplishment, and we are celebrating! Come out to one of our shows and sing along with us!”The OAKS will continue their “2023 Front Porch Singin’ Tour” in early AUGUST.

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