Picking The Hits – Streaming vs Airplay vs Callout – The …

 Picking The Hits – Streaming vs Airplay vs Callout – The …

Examining Metrics, Spins, Scores

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Streaming Metrics Vs Airplay Vs Callout – The Big Divide
Playing the right music for your audience and the market are two of the most important basics for winning music radio. But with the rise of streaming platforms, radio is no longer the go-to for breaking new artists and helping develop their songs. But as one prominent record exec says: “Radio is still the great finisher.” 
Music and data analysis is constantly evolving and over the last few years the rapidity of change has only accelerated. With the advent of an ever more sophisticated array of tools, including predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence inclusion, the ability to accurately measure and even forecast potentials has never been better.
These cutting-edge tools join a wide range of other measurements including enhanced callout, consumption-based analysis for both video and audio streams, sales, SHAZAM, NEILSEN derived M-SCORE measurement, competitive DSP playlisting, YOUTUBE, TIK TOK, and more. And yet, a myriad of data points often prove contradictory and available listenership has never been more fragmented. So, how do you define and achieve a consensus definition of what constitutes a “hit” song?
This session’s moderator is ALISSA POLLACK, EVP/Global Music Marketing & Strategy, iHEARTMEDIA.POLLACK and her panelists …
AIMIE VAUGHAN, EVP Promotion/Streaming, 300/ELEKTRALOUIE DIAZ, VP/Top 40, Rhythmic Top 40, CUMULUSMARK ADAMS, VP/Top 40, iHEARTMEDIA, PD, KYLD, KIOI/SFMIKE CASTELLUCCI, President, LONGBOARD INSIGHTSSEAN ROSS, Editor, ROSS ON RADIO … will provide lots of answers.Click here to register now for ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023. 
All of the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 sessions are accessible from home, your office or anywhere you like on any two devices, on the original broadcast dates and then on-demand as often as you want. No expensive planes, hotels, rental cars, and you can watch at your convenience.

We now have 83 A+ speakers/content creators ready to share on APRIL 26, 27, 28 across 18 sessions on the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 agenda.
Our speakers, some of the finest minds in radio, music, streaming and podcasting, are sharing ideas for cutting sessions filled with the latest information that will be of personal and career benefit to you. They are working together to help shape some incredible learning sessions for you to attend during ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023, so sign up now.
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Below is the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 AGENDA with amazing, creative, and thoughtful speakers/content creators, ready to talk to you about the tough subjects facing our industries:
Enhanced Talent Guidance & Support (creation of new stars)Accelerating Our Digital Future (be on a level playing field with DSPs)What does AI mean for radio? (programming, voiceovers, production)Increasing Revenue (exploring new models)Decreasing Interruptions (commercials)Trends In Ratings (reversing the slide; increasing sample sizes)Trends In Music (making sense of using metrics, callout in 2023)  
$200 For ALL ACCESS To See All Three Days Of The ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023. $100 If You Are Out Of Work.
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