Podtrac Releases April Ranking Of Top 20 Podcasts And Publishers, Top 5 Podcast Sales …

 Podtrac Releases April Ranking Of Top 20 Podcasts And Publishers, Top 5 Podcast Sales …

April Rankers

PODTRAC has released its APRIL 2023 ranking of the top 20 podcast publishers, top 20 podcasts, and top 5 podcast sales networks among participants in its measurement service, with iHEARTPODCASTS again topping the publishers’ chart, THE DAILY still atop the podcast chart, and the sales network with the same four entries in the same order as they have been since the chart’s inception.The rankings, ranked by unique U.S. monthly audience:1. HEARTPODCASTS (809 active shows)2. WONDERY (210 shows)3. NPR (49 shows)4. NEW YORK TIMES (12 shows)5. NBC NEWS (69 shows)6. DAILY WIRE+ (14 shows)7. THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY (125 shows)8. PRX (125 shows)9. BARSTOOL SPORTS (99 shows)10. VOX MEDIA (59 shows)11. PODCASTONE (168 shows)12. FOX AUDIO NETWORK (106 shows)13. PARAMOUNT (105 shows)14. CNN (59 shows)15. BLAZE MEDIA (18 shows)16. WNYC STUDIOS (34 shows)17. AMERICAN PUBLIC MEDIA (57 shows)18. BBC (848 shows)19. THIS AMERICAN LIFE (1 show)20. ALL THINGS COMEDY (60 shows)The podcast rankings, which also include only shows opting in for PODTRAC’s Podcast Measurement System for the full month (and missing some of the largest shows):1. THE DAILY (last month #1)2. DATELINE NBC (2)3. UP FIRST (3)4. NPR NEWS NOW (5)5. MORBID (4)6. THE BEN SHAPIRO SHOW (6)7. SMARTLESS (7)8. STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW (8)9. PARDON MY TAKE (9)10. THE DAN BONGINO SHOW (10)11. MY FAVORITE MURDER (11)12. THIS PAST WEEKEND (30)13. 2 BEARS 1 CAVE WITH TOM SEGURA & BERT KREISCHER (13)14. THIS AMERICAN LIFE (12)15. FOX NEWS HOURLY UPDATE (14)16. CNN 5 THINGS (15)17. WAIT, WAIT… DON’T TELL ME! (18)18. FRESH AIR (17)19. RADIOLAB (21)20. HIDDEN BRAIN (19)The top podcast sales networks, ranked by unique monthly audience and, again, not including networks which did not opt into PODTRAC’s measurement system for the full month:1. WONDERY SALES NETWORK2. ACAST3. LIBSYN ADVERTISECAST4. PODCASTONE SALES NETWORK

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