Position Music & Poems Sign Jack LaFrantz To Publishing Deal

 Position Music & Poems Sign Jack LaFrantz To Publishing Deal


POSITION MUSIC and POEMS (a partnership between THE MONSTERS & STRANGERZ and MEGA HOUSE MUSIC) have signed songwriter, producer, and artist JACK LAFRANTZ (managed by COULTER REYNOLDS) to a worldwide publishing deal. LAFRANTZ has been a key player in developing artist BENSON BOONE with recent cuts like “Sugar Sweet” and “Before You” as well as being credited on his last two EPs WALK ME HOME and PULSE. Additionally, LAFRANTZ cowrote MARTIN GARRIX and JVKE’s new single “Hero” in collaboration with MARVEL SNAP, as well as SURIEL HESS’ viral internet record “Love Like That” and EAj’s “Castle in the Sky” and more.POSITIONS MUSIC/POEMS CEO TYLER MARK said, “We have a tremendous amount of respect for what THE MONSTERS and STRANGERZ and MEGA HOUSE have accomplished together over the years, being a part of some of the biggest records of a generation. We are thrilled to partner with them in signing JACK LAFRANTZ. Collectively, we are set up to serve him at the highest level.”LAFRANTZ added, “This situation feels incredibly surreal to me. The fact that TYLER, MARK, SAM, and the entire POSITION MUSIC team are partnering with JORDAN and STEFAN (THE MONSTERS), along with DAVID, JEREMY, and all my favorite people at MEGA HOUSE MUSIC, is an absolute dream come true. Many of these individuals believed in me long before other people started knocking, so I knew their involvement stemmed from genuine care and shared vision. Forming such a dream team was an obvious choice. I have an immense amount of love and trust for the entire crew, and I’m thrilled about our future together.”

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