Q Prime Joining Forces With Aaron Frank Creating Q Prime AF

 Q Prime Joining Forces With Aaron Frank Creating Q Prime AF

A New Division Of Q Prime

Q PRIME MANAGEMENT’s CLIFF BURNSTEIN and PETER MENSCH have announced they are joining forces with manager AARON FRANK to create Q PRIME AF, which will be under the umbrella of Q PRIME who also house Q PRIME SOUTH and Q PRIME UK. FRANK’s NASHVILLE-based team and artists such as GRETA VAN FLEET, MARCUS KING, ST. PAUL and the BROKEN BOW and others will join Q PRIME as Q PRIME AF.FRANK said, “CLIFF and PETER are the reason I became a manager. They have always been the gold standard of managers in my eyes, and their independent spirit and savviness are unmatched. I’m so excited to join their amazing team to elevate our work, and excited about what we can build together at Q PRIME AF.”MENSCH added, “Eight months or so ago, over lunch, CLIFF and I decided that we needed to move Q PRIME past the normal standard of management company rating: Gold, platinum standard just wasn’t enough. We wanted to establish a new standard. Tantalum, a rare earth precious metal found in 8 countries and an absolute necessity in the digital world, totally fit the bill.  Luckily for us, AARON, with his group of amazing artists,  had a similar vision and, under the theory that the modern age needed  a new standard of excellence, agreed to create the Tantalum standard of management companies. Therefore, we give you a true partnership: Q PRIME + Q PRIME AF.”FRANK’s career in management began in 2009 working for the TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA’s management company, NIGHT CASTLE MANAGEMENT in NEW YORK CITY. In 2014 he relocated to NASHVILLE, co-founding ABI MANAGEMENT, and breaking off on his own in 2017 to form AMFM with GRETA VAN FLEET as his first client. 

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