Research Director Inc., Exclusive June ’23 PPM Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma, Miami-Fort …

 Research Director Inc., Exclusive June ’23 PPM Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma, Miami-Fort …

June ’23 PPM Ratings

Today’s opening paragraph is brought to you by AI. I asked GOOGLE’s Bard the following: Why is JUNE a month? Frankly, it was cloyingly positive. ‘JUNE is a month of new beginnings,’ blah, blah, blah. We crave grit and snark but until AI can give it to us, we’ll have to continue making stuff up. So The Ratings Experts from RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. — along with our partners in data from XTRENDS — will have to stick to the facts. This survey began on MAY 25TH and concluded on JUNE 21st. It had two long weekends, dads’ day and the longest day of the year. Hopefully, that motivated radio listeners to spend more time with us. Let’s see how that worked out.SEATTLE-TACOMA: A Revolving DoorFor the sixth book in a row, a different station was sitting atop the 6+ chart. This time the honors went to AUDACY Country KKWF (100.7 THE WOLF), which secured its highest share in over a year (6.5-7.4). iHEARTMEDIA Classic Rock KZOK moved up to #2 with a solid showing (6.1-6.5), while iHEARTMEDIA Classic Hits KJEB (95.7 THE JET) descended to #3 as it returned most of last month’s strong increase (6.9-6.0). Last survey UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW fell from fourth to tenth. ‘Twas merely a flesh wound as the station was back to #4 (4.0-5.6). AUDACY Active Rock KISW inched up to #5 (4.8-4.9), while AUDACY AC KSWD (94.1 THE SOUND) slipped to #6 (5.0-4.8). HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOViN’ 92.5) fell three places to #8 (4.9-4.5). There was a new cume leader as KZOK went from #5 to #1, thanks to a 4.0% increase (544,800-566,600). The market fell by 0.6%.The 25-54 competition was a one-horse race as KISW ran away with the demo, thanks to its highest score since AUGUST. The station had nearly a two-share lead over a tightly packed group of stations. Positions two through six were within a share of each other. KQMV repeated at #2, KKWF moved up to #3, and KJEB slipped to #4. All three stations had down books. AUDACY Rhythmic AC KHTP (HOT 103.7) remained at #5, while KZOK was close behind at #6. Both stations had their best books in over a year.There was quite a shakeup on the 18-34 leaderboard. KZOK jumped from #4 to #1 with its best book since FEBRUARY. KHTP rose from #7 to #2 with its highest mark since JANUARY and was tied with KQMV, which posted its largest share since MARCH. KJEB and FRIENDS OF KEXP Alternative KEXP had been tied at #1. KJEB was off slightly to #4, while KEXP had its least productive outing since AUGUST and ended up at #5. It was tied with KISW, which had a slight increase.KISW repeated as the leading 18-49 station with its highest total since AUGUST. The fight was for second place, which went to KJEB. KQMV repeated at #3 despite a small decrease. KZOK leapt from #7 to #4 and narrowly edged KKWF, which slid to #5. KHTP stepped down to #6 despite a slight increase.MIAMI-FT. LAUDERDALE-HOLLYWOOD: More Of The SameSurvey after survey, two stations stand much taller than the 6+ field of competitors. For the fourth book in a row, COX MEDIA Urban AC WHQT (HOT 105) was #1 (9.1-8.9). As is usually the case, COX MEDIA AC WFEZ (EASY 93.1) was in second place, though the station did have its smallest share since the big guy was in town (8.7-7.9). TELEVISAUNIVISION Spanish Contemporary WAMR (AMOR 107.5) repeated at #3 with its fourth down book in a row (5.6-5.3). AUDACY AC WLYF (101.5 LITE FM) stood alone at #4 (4.9-5.0), while COX MEDIA Urban WEDR (99 JAMZ) dipped to #5 (4.9-4.9). The leap o’ the month went to COX MEDIA Hot AC WFLC (HITS 97.3), which vaulted from #14 to #6 with its largest share in over a year (2.9-4.6). WFEZ retained the cume crown, despite a 1.2% decrease (817,100-806,900). The market dropped by 0.6%.As expected, WHQT was #1 25-54 again. The station did post its lowest score in over a year but was still almost a share and a half ahead of WFEZ, which moved up to #2 as it bounced back from a down book. SBS Tropical WXDJ (EL ZOL 106.7 FM) repeated at #3 with a modest decrease. It nipped WFLC, which rose from #11 to #4 with a huge share increase. Also coming in at #4 was WEDR, which slipped from #2 as it gave back most of last month’s large share increase. WAMR slid from #5 to #7 and was tied with iHEARTMEDIA Spanish Contemporary WZTU (TÚ 94.9).For the third straight survey, WEDR crushed the 18-34 competition. This was also the station’s second consecutive double-digit performance. WZTU jumped from #5 to #2 with its best outing in over a year, yet it still trailed the leader by over four shares. WFLC continued its Cinderella story by advancing from #10 to #3. TELEVISAUNIVISION Tropical WRTO (MIX 98.3) rebounded from a down book to remain at #4. WHQT slid from #2 to #5 with its lowest score since FEBRUARY. WFEZ dropped three slots to #6. It was met headlong by iHEARTMEDIA Urban WMIB (103.5 THE BEAT), which advanced from #15 with its best book since OCTOBER. WXDJ fell from #5 to #8, where it was paired with WLYF.Last survey WEDR and WHQT were co-leaders in the 18-49 space. Both stations had the exact same share increase this month to remain in first place by more than a share. WFLC’s dream book continued as it rose from #9 to #3, while WFEZ repeated at #4 with a slight increase. WZTU was back as the #5 station with a small share gain. WXDJ slid to #6 and was tied with WMIB, which advanced from #12.PHOENIX: Trading PlacesThis was the fourth book in a row that either HUBBARD Classic Rock KLSX or iHEARTMEDIA AC KESZ (99.9 KEZ) was the leading 6+ station. This round went to KSLX as it moved up to #1 and ended a three-book slide (6.5-6.8). KESZ dipped to #2 with its lowest mark since FEBRUARY (7.6-6.5). MARICOPA N/T KJZZ rebounded from a down book to move up to #3 (5.6-6.3). DESERT VALLEY Adult Hits KOAI (95.1/94.9 THE WOW FACTOR) dipped to #4 (5.7-5.3), while iHEARTMEDIA Hot AC KMXP (MIX 96.9) held firm at #5 (4.9-4.5). Despite a 10.8% decline, KESZ was still the cume leader (958,000-854,800). The market was down by 2.1%.Last month KSLX saw its four-book 25-54 winning streak come to an end. It rebounded from that down book to move back to #1. KESZ was still at #2 but was forced to share with HUBBARD Active Rock KUPD, which rose from #5 with its best outing in over a year. KMXP dropped from first to fourth as it returned all of last month’s huge increase – plus a little extra. A flat HUBBARD Alternative KDKB (ALT AZ 93.3) repeated at #5 where it was joined by AUDACY Country KMLE, which arrived from #9 with its largest share since SEPTEMBER.Despite a down book, KESZ was #1 18-34 for the 13th time in the last 14 surveys. KMLE leapt from #6 to #2 with, once again, its highest share since SEPTEMBER. AUDACY Top 40/M KALV (LIVE 101.5) inched up to #3, despite a down book. It was partnered with KUPD, which rose from #7 with its best book in exactly a year. iHEARTMEDIA Country KNIX dipped to #5 as it gave back a good portion of last month’s rather large increase. KDKB dropped from #2 to #6, losing nearly half its previous share. It was tied with ENTRAVISION Regional Mexican KLNZ (LA TRICOLOR 103.5), which advanced from #10 with its best showing since JANUARY. KMXP had its lowest total since NOVEMBER as it dropped from #5 to #9.Though KESZ had its smallest 18-49 share in over a year, the station extended its long winning streak. KUPD leapt from #6 to #2 and was a bit more than a half share behind the leader. KALV stepped up to #3 with a slight increase. KMXP slipped to #4 and was tied with KSLX, which moved up from #8 as it ended a two-book slide. Two stations exited the top five. KDKB slid from #3 to #7, while KNIX fell four places to #9.DETROIT: Channel ChangeAfter a two-book hiatus, iHEARTMEDIA Top 40/M WKQI (CHANNEL 955) was back in the top spot with the 6+ crowd (7.2-8.1). Last month’s leader – BEASLEY Classic Rock WCSX – dipped to #2 as it ended a two-book surge (7.7-7.1). AUDACY Sports WXYT (97.1 THE TICKET) slipped to #3 (7.6-7.0). The station also netted an additional 1.7 share from its stream. iHEARTMEDIA Urban AC WMXD (MIX 92.3) posted its largest number in over a year (5.4-6.7) as it jumped from #7 to #4. AUDACY Classic Hits WOMC had its best book since NOVEMBER (5.6-6.1) as it inched up to #5. AUDACY Country WYCD slipped to #6 (5.7-5.7), while iHEARTMEDIA AC WNIC slid three places to #7 (5.9-5.4). WNIC still had the most listeners, despite a 5.0% reduction (956,800-908,900). The market grew by 0.7%.Not only did WKQI repeat as the 25-54 champ, the station also landed a double-digit share. BEASLEY Active Rock WRIF repeated at #2 but with its lowest mark since the pipers were piping. WMXD rocketed from #8 to #3 with, once again, its best showing in over a year. WXYT slipped to #4 with its least productive offensive performance since AUGUST. BEASLEY Rhythmic AC WMGC (105.1 THE BOUNCE) was up slightly and bounced from #7 to #5. WCSX and WNIC had been tied at #4. Both stations had down books and ended up at #6 and #7, respectively.WKQI continued to dominate the 18-34 sphere. The station was #1 and in double digits for sixth straight survey. WXYT repeated at #2, though it ended a three-book surge. WYCD had its best book in over a year to jump from #6 to #3. WMXD remained at #4, though with its best book in over a year. The station was also up for the third straight survey. iHEARTMEDIA Urban WJLB inched up to #5 as it bounced back from a down book. WRIF was given its lowest mark in over a year as it slid from #3 to #6. WMGC also dropped three places as it landed at #7.This was the fifth 18-49 win in a row for WKQI. The station also eclipsed the double-digit barrier for the third time during this span. WRIF was back at #2 and trailed the leader by close to four shares. WMXD’s bountiful book continued here as the station rose from #7 to #3. WXYT dipped to #4 and nipped a flat WMGC, which moved down to #5. WYCD was up slightly but stepped down to #6.MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL: HallelujahThis was the third straight 6+ win for UNIVERSITY OF NORTHWESTERN-ST PAUL Christian Contemporary KTIS. The station also hit double digits (9.5-10.3). HUBBARD Hot AC KSTP (KS95) had its best book in over a year (7.2-8.5) to step up to #2. iHEARTMEDIA Classic Hits KQQL (KOOL 108) dipped to #3 (7.8-7.5), while iHEARTMEDIA Country KEEY (K102) held steady at #4 (7.0-7.2). CUMULUS Classic Rock KQRS stood alone at #5 (6.1-6.0), while MPR N/T KNOW slipped to #6 with its third down book in a row (6.1-5.9). KQQL was still the most cumed station, despite a 2.5% drop (817,500-797,400). The market was off by 0.4%.KSTP extended its 25-54 winning streak to four and hit double digits for the third time in the last six surveys. KEEY and CUMULUS Active Rock KXXR (93X) had been tied at #3. Both stations had up books with KEEY moving up to #2 and KXXR remaining at #3. KQQL dropped two places to #4 as it returned a good portion of last month’s huge increase. iHEARTMEDIA Top 40/M KDWB was back at #5 as it ended a robust two-book surge. It narrowly defeated a pair of stations at #6. AUDACY Adult Hits KZJK (104.1 JACK FM) stepped up from #7, while KQRS advanced from #10 with its highest mark in over a year.Two stations continue to dominate the 18-34 space. KDWB was in double digits for the 13th time in the last 14 surveys. The station also finished first for the third book in a row. KEEY was back at #2 with its fifth double-digit book in a row. KXXR had its highest score since FEBRUARY as it advanced two spaces to #3. KQRS returned some of last month’s massive increase as it dipped to #4. It was met there by KSTP, which moved up from #8 as it ended a two-book slide. MPR AAA KCMP (THE CURRENT) slipped to #6 and was tied with KZJK.The top four 18-49 players remained the same. KSTP was #1 with its second double-digit book in a row. KDWB was back at #2 with a slight increase, while KEEY repeated at #3 with its best book in over a year. KXXR was still lounging at #4 with its first up book since JANUARY. A new entrant into the top five was KTIS, which rose from #8 with its third straight up book. KQQL slid to #7.Thus endeth our foray into the JUNE numbers. Thank you for your participation.  The Ratings Experts from RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. will now crawl back into our cave as we await the JULY results. Before you click away, click on over to our blog page and sign up. It literally could change your life. Check it out here: About Research Director, Inc.: Research Director, Inc. is based in Annapolis, Maryland. We help radio stations’ programming and sales departments maximize the value of their research. For more information, visit, call 410-295-6619, or e-mail or

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