Riser House Publishing Signs Dylan Wolfe

 Riser House Publishing Signs Dylan Wolfe

Wolfe (Photo: Shannon Bradley)

RISER HOUSE PUBLISHING and Country artist DREW BALDRIDGE’s LYRIC MUSIC PUBLISHING have partnered to sign writer and independent artist DYLAN WOLFE to an exclusive publishing agreement. The ILLINOIS native currently has a social media following of more than a million, anchored by TIKTOK, and he has garnered over 10 million streams on his recent singles, including “Wasting My Time” and “Something To Talk About.” WOLFE also wrote BAILEY ZIMMERMAN’s “From The Fall” from his 2022 “Leave The Light On” EP.RISER HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT Pres. and co-founder JENNIFER JOHNSON said, “DYLAN not only brings raw talent, but he is a self-starter and has incredible work ethic. I’m honored to be partnered with BALDRIDGE in this publishing venture, and I am very excited for DYLAN’s future!”BALDRIDGE said of the partnership, “I’ve watched DYLAN since day one cut his teeth playing in the same dive bars that I started playing in back in Southern IL. His work ethic is unmatched, and he continues to grow every day in his artistry and songwriting. I’m so excited to be partnering with JENNIFER JOHNSON and her incredible team at RISER HOUSE to give DYLAN’s music the light it deserves.”WOLFE added, “For seven years I’ve been playing music, writing songs, working a job, traveling back and forth to NASHVILLE from ILLINOIS, and I always prayed that someone would hear my stuff, see my hard work and be willing to take a chance with me. That has finally happened, and I couldn’t be more blessed! I’m so excited to be a part of the RISER HOUSE family and to have my mentor, DREW, as part of the team as well. My career has only just begun, and the expectations are high for the future!”

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