Robert Carlton Named President Of SMACK

 Robert Carlton Named President Of SMACK


ROBERT CARLTON has been promoted to Pres. of NASHVILLE-based publishing, artist management and digital marketing company SMACK, effective immediately. CARLTON will be an equity partner in the company, and take over for MICHAEL McANALLY BAUM, who joins the ownership team alongside ROBIN PALMER, and founder SHANE McANALLY.CARLTON has been with SMACK since 2014. He oversees all facets of the company, including its publishing, digital, and management branches. In addition, CARLTON manages producer/songwriter SHANE McANALLY, who’s not only appeared on national television as a judge on NBC’s SONGLAND, but whose BROADWAY musical, SHUCKED, has been nominated for nine TONY AWARDS this season (NET NEWS 5/2).BAUM said of CARLTON, “From intern to the presidency, ROBERT CARLTON’s steady hand, work ethic, and innate instincts have earned him the top office at SMACK. As a visionary who grew up with the company, he has shown how his passion and dedication will lead the team at SMACK into their next chapter of success.”CARLTON added, “What an honor to be entrusted to lead SMACK. This is an incredible company with the most incredible people, that all started with SHANE, MICHAEL, and ROBIN’s leadership. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to get to learn, both professionally and personally, from each of them. When I started here almost 10 years ago, I knew it was a great opportunity, but I never could’ve dreamed it would be all that it is today. I think our future is brighter than ever!”

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