Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Journalism Competition And Preservation Act

 Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Journalism Competition And Preservation Act

Committee OKs Bill

The revived Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, reintroduced by Sens. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN) and JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA) and aimed at allowing news organizations, including broadcasters, to collectively negotiate terms of distribution with social media platforms, has made it out of the SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE, which again passed the bill to send it to the full SENATE. The committee passed the bill last SEPTEMBER but the measure failed to reach a vote of the full SENATE before the term concluded. The bill is not expected to pass the HOUSE.Nevertheless, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS Pres./CEO CURTIS LEGEYT was upbeat about the bill’s committee success, issuing a statement saying, “NAB applauds the SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE for its strong bipartisan passage of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act. For too long, local news outlets have been at the mercy of Big Tech behemoths that devalue broadcasters’ critical community-focused journalism when it is accessed online. This legislation will enable local media to negotiate for the fair market value of our news content. We appreciate the leadership and hard work of Sens. Klobuchar and Kennedy to address the impact of Big Tech’s outsized market power on local journalism, and we applaud Chairman (DICK) DURBIN, Ranking Member (CHARLES) GRASSLEY, and the bipartisan members of the committee for supporting this important legislation.”

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